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Splash Quilting

Cosmetic + Mini Travel Bags

Cosmetic + Mini Travel Bags

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These small and miniature bags are perfect for all of the bag lovers out there who love being able to keep things organised & sorted (or has wished they could).

Perfect for your purse and bag organisation. These wee purses make organising your bag so much more fun! The bonus is now having an option that will allow you to carry items you need more discretely, and do it with a lot of fun and style. Carry your essentials, and know what is in each one without any other person knowing anything more than it being a cute bag. From make up, to sanitary items, essential medications, and anything else that you might want on hand. If you like organisation, and like fun materials. These are for you! 


Note: All of these bags have been made from fabric that had been leftover from bigger sewing projects. All material is used resourcefully to make sure that it is all used in its entirety and that nothing is wasted.

Handmade and designed in New Zealand. 


Material: 100% Cotton 

Size: Varied (up to the size of a hand laid flat)

Weight: up to 15 grams 

Package Contains: 1x small bag of chosen selection 

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