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Sterling Silver Fidget Ring

Sterling Silver Fidget Ring

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Our Sterling Silver (S925 stamped) ring is the perfect gift for those in your life who love to or need to fidget. The beads on these rings can be moved and spun on their own to help keep hands busy and relieve built up tension, stress, anxiety, panic, and t.

These rings have been a popular and an effective tool  for those with sensory needs and those who need to be able to fidget or have the stimulation feedback.. The rings are also beneficial for those with chronic illness, disabilities, mental health struggles and PTSD. 

The Fidget Ring is made on a fully adjustable band to ensure it fit most adult finger sizes. (*For specifically  sized and fitted rings —  please see our note below). There are various options that are available for for the number of beads on each ring, and this depends on what you chose, and works best for your own needs. 

These rings are hard wearing, and delicate but strong.  The beads more freely and independently on the ring.


Shown to help and benefit:

— Those with neurodiversity: Autism, anxiety, ADHD, 

— Those who like to fidget or keep their fingers and hands moving to help with distraction + concentration

— A great solution for those who are prone to biting their nails, picking their skin, and scratching or itching 

— Great for those who like to click a pen, tap a beat with their hands or feet, or need to keep hands busy 

— Supports, helps and aids with meditation and focus 

— A great way to help to relieve your stress + tension, it can support self calming and self soothing effects. 

— Quiet, discrete to use, wear, and get benefit from 

— Using the sensory ring won’t distract or disturb others around you, or cause any unwanted attention 

— Looks just absolutely stunning on and for wearing 


Great as a gift for: birthdays, Christmas, for special occasions, just because, as gift to let you know you’re are thinking of your loved one, or know it might help. 


* Note: We are also able to provide fixed rings. If you would like a specifically sized ring, and know your ring size, please get in touch and send us a message with your ring size and details (or that of your loved one). 


Material: Sterling Silver (Stamped S925) 

Size: Adjustable Ring for most finger sizes 

Ring: 0.12cm (W) 

Bead Size: 0.34cm (W) 

Weight: 1.5 grams 

Package includes: 1x Stress Relieving Fidget Ring



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