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Sticker — First Aid

Sticker — First Aid

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If you work from home, or have people that come in and are working in your home, making sure everyone knows where to find these items is essential. Give yourself the extra peace of mind that in an emergency if the worst happened and time was of essence, that you have these spaces easily and clwarly labelled, and that everyone knows where to find them as well! 

Knowing where your fire extinguisher and first aid kit are is really important — even if it is just at home. In the event that the worst happened, whether it is someone that lives in the house, or a visitor — in an emergency you want to be able to easily and quickly locate that fire extinguisher or first aid kit ASAP. The last thing you want or need of trying to yell across the house for what drawer or cupboard or space to find it. By then, time is passing and in critical moments, time is off essence. Give yourself and your loved ones peace of mind and clear identification for where to find these items in your home or workplace quickly. 

These stickers can help with subconscious feedback for where to quickly locate these — even if the sticker is on the inside of a door — it’s still easier and better than nothing, or have people trying to just guess... 



Material: High Quality Polymeric Vinyl with added UV resistant lamination film.  

Size: 10cm (L) x 6.6cm (W) 

Weight: Less than 1 gram 

Package Contains: Decal Sticker/s as selected 

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