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Portable Silicone Pocket (mask, meds, etc)

Portable Silicone Pocket (mask, meds, etc)

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These silicone pockets are fantastic for a wide range of uses - from storing your reusable mask cleanly and sanitarily, to your handkerchief, napkin or tissues, to your reusable shopping bag, or using it for a wide variety of any other small items that you like to carry. 

These silicone pockets are bendable, collapsible, light weight, and super easy to keep it just in your bag for anything that you want to protect and keep cleaner. The lid is easy to pop open, and the button means that you can easily close and secure the lid down too.

These make a great gift for you or a friend, and can come in a range of colours - if we don’t have what you are looking for, just send us a message and we can help sort and order it in for you, no worries at all. 

Image Description: A light weight silicone pocket with a silicone handle and silicone button to close lid.  


Material: Silicone 

Size: 17cm (L) x 6cm (W) x 1.3cm (D) 

Handle: 3cm (H) x 1.5cm (W) 

Weight: 19 grams 

Package Contains: 1x Portable Silicone Pocket 


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