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Reusable Ice Block Pouches

Reusable Ice Block Pouches

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Enjoy your very own home-made push-pop ice blocks with our reusable ice block snap lock bags. By using the snap lock pouches to make your ice blocks, it’s not just less messy than filling ice block containers for the freezer, it’s more compact in your freezer as well!

These are a really fantastic option for those with food allergies, or limited oral intake, and those who need thickened fluids. Using these can give you the ability to take back control to enjoy frozen treats, without the risk of any allergies or reactions. These can also be used to portion out blended fruits and vegetables, or home made baby meals, to freeze sauces, and dips like hummus, as well as a great way to keep and store fresh herbs and spices in the freezer for longevity too.


Material: Food Grade Plastic 

Size: 22cm (L) x 6cm (W) 

Weight: 23 grams (total) 

Package includes: 12x reusable snap-lock ice blocks pouches per set 


How to use: To use these, simply fill the snap lock pouch with your favourite or chosen liquid, and seal it shut before popping them into the freezer (make sure you leave room for them to expand slightly!). Once frozen, open the snap lock pouch and enjoy your frozen treat! Alternatively, soak in warm water or gently defrost in the microwave for items you want to have defrosted. Great as a healthy alternative for kids, and enjoyed by everyone, no matter what your age!

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