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Silicone Toe Protector

Silicone Toe Protector

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These silicone toe sleeves are a fantastic solution to those who get sore feet, toes and blisters when walking, or when you are out and about. Perfect to create a cushioning against your smallest pinky toe, as well as can be used for your other toes and fingers as they can easily be cut to suit your specific needs. 

Use these silicone gel sleeves to reduce the pain and discomfort that can come from blisters, ingrown nails, hammer toe, lesions, corns, bunions, and overlapping or underlapping toes that cause sweating or chaffing. These sleeves will also help to protect, moisture and heal the skin and nail that it is protecting as well. 

These sleeves are made of 100% silicone gel. The silicone gel sleeves are completely reusable. Just use a gentle hand wash between uses and once it has been washed, let to air dry naturally, and then pop it away somewhere cool and dry between uses. If you find that they are becoming a bit sticky overtime, then a dusting with some talcum powder or corn flour will help to restore your gel sleeve to its original condition. 

Note: These can be used all year around. 


Material: Silicone 

Size: 2cm (H) x 1.5cm (diameter)

Widths: 1.5cm at the bottom, and 2.3cm at the top 

Weight: Less than 1 gram 

Package Contains: 2x Silicone Toe Cover 


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