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Stretchy Fidget Doll

Stretchy Fidget Doll

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Everyone has sensory needs, it’s just how prominent it is, and how much it distracts or impacts daily life.

Some people are able to sit still and focus easily, while others do better with something in their hands to fidget and play with. We all live individual lives, and for some people, being able to keep their hands busy actually allows them to focus and pay more attention. 

These small sensory dolls are really popular in how they feel and function. Each doll has its own facials and emotions. They are incredibly stretchy, and fun to pull, stretch, tug, twist, press, spin, and throw around.

The dolls are robust to withstand fidgeting hands. It is also compact and discrete which means you can easily keep it in your backpack, bag, pencil case and even a front or back pocket on your clothes you wear. 

Every face is unique, and come as an assorted item, unless you request a specific colour or facial emotion. 

Note: These are sold as assorted colours. If you comment in the notes for your order for your colour preference (list a few if possible), we will endeavour to meet the colour specifications you would like. If you are set on a specific colour, please enquire first. 

Image Description: Brightly coloured silicone stretchy dolls with a range of fun and silly faces printed on them, and displayed in a range of fun bright colours. The dolls can be pulled, stretched and played with. Use individually, or as a set. The photos show the range of faces and colours that can be included. 


Material: TPR Plastic, Silicone 

Size: 5cm (L) x 4.2cm (W) 

Weight: 3 grams each 

Package includes: Stretchy Fidget Doll (set of choice)

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