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Tissue Box (with Lid)

Tissue Box (with Lid)

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Our fantastic tissue boxes with the lid, make keeping your tissues on any table, desk or coffee table look fantastic, tidy, smart, compact, and discrete. They can be used for tissues, but they can also be used for storing receipts, change, Knick knacks AND CANDY!!! 

These containers keep the dust + grime off anything you want to store and keep, and paired with a set of mini tongs, makes a fantastic secret lollie/candy jar!! 

These boxes are fantastic with COVID and viruses still around, as they will keep your tissues, candy, or any other use for the container to keep contents clean and safe as possible. Keep as your secret stash box!

Note: These are available in a wide range of colours, please enquire and message us for colour options. 


Material: PP Plastic 

Size: 18.5cm (L) x 12.2cm (w) x 7cm (H) 

Weight: 150 grams 

Package Contains: 1x Tissue Box 

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