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Fidget + Sensory Book

Fidget + Sensory Book

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Our fidget and sensory books are a fantastic tool and support for the elderly, and those with dementia to help offer a calming experience, distraction and fidget tool. Help keep hands busy and explore the range of tools that have been carefully built into each blanket. 

These blankets are also good for those with ADHD, anxiety, kids, and those with mental health struggles. 

These books have a range of benefits: 

1. Keep hands busy: With a range of options, the hook and pop fasteners, buttons, zippers and threaded cords all help to keep hands moving which promotes blood flow, flexibility, dexterity, and agility. 

2. Reduce Memory Loss: Keep the mind busy, and keep motor function up. The sensory stimulation and the working out of it all keeps the brain working and ticking over to help exercise and keep things working. 

3. Promote Calm and Relaxation: Using the blanket is a way to outwork tensions and stress. Fidgeting helps to release and reduce tension from in the body. 

4. Shared Experiences: A way to engage with each other through the blanket, to explore the textures, shapes, tools, and relate with someone else through it. Play games, ask questions, crate an environment to have and enjoy some quality moments with others. 



Material: Cloth 

Size: 00.0cm (L) x 00cm (W) 

Weight:  grams

Package includes: 1x Fidget Blankets for Seniors




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