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Single Cup Multipurpose Handle

Single Cup Multipurpose Handle

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Our no drill suction handles allow you to make both drawers, and windows easier to hold onto to open or close them without drilling into anything to do so.

This handle grips by suction lock and the addition of the twist at the end to help lock the suction in place. Once installed, the handle has a load capacity for up to 7.5kg. This is the perfect weight for drawers, or the addition of the handle for making a glass sliding door easier to open and close, with the handles support. 

The suction handle will work well on glass, mirrors, glazed and ceramic tiles, painted wood finishes, and surfaces with less than a 1mm convex. The handle will also work well in the bathroom, the steam and humidity will not affect the function of the handle.  

Will work well: 

 - as a handle lid for the toilet seat 

- as a hook for a hand towel in the bathroom 

- as a handle to help open a drawer more easily 

- As a handle to help open a glass door or ranch slider 

: Please do not forcibly rotate or tear the handle. Rotate the part marked “open” and “closed” above the suction cup. Rotate clockwise to lock, when you have done so, this will mean that it is in the ‘closed’.  

Note: We do not recommend that you use this as a load bearing handle, please do not rely on it as a medical device to help pull yourself up or grab onto. 



Material:  ABS Plastic 

Size: please see below for specific variations… 

Handle: 6cm (L) x 3.5cm (W) x 1cm (D)  

Cup: 6.5cm (Diameter) x 1.7cm (Depth)  

Weight: 52 grams

Package includes: 1x Single Multipurpose Handle

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