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Adaptive ‘No Tie’ Elastic Shoelaces — with Buckle

Adaptive ‘No Tie’ Elastic Shoelaces — with Buckle

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Elastic laces with a toggle clip to be able to pull tight and loosen shoelaces as they are needed, are a great solution for people who would like to be able to use ‘no tie’ shoes laces, but had previously dismissed the option due to not being able to adjust them so easily.

Now finally, you don’t have to go without. Whether you have issues with swelling, circulation, pain in your feet - being able to adjust your laces to suit can make a huge difference day to day, and the ability to adjust as you go through your day or circumstances change. 

The pack includes all you need to attach your new laces to your shoes: 100cm of elastic rope, 1x buckle clips for tightening the laces, and 2x clips for the ends of your laces to finish the look and contain the end of the elastics, which also makes them easier to use too.

To put your new elastic laces onto your shoes follow our written step by step instructions below, follow our  step by step photos or see our video for our 'how to’. 

Note: For other colours options, please just enquire!


Materials: elastic rope, plastic toggle clip    

Size: 100cm length per lace, 0.3cm width. 

Weight: 40 grams 

Package includes: 1x pair of shoelaces (100cm elastic rope, 2x toggle clips + 2x buckles for the end)


How to use:  

1. Remove old shoelaces in your shoes and thread the new laces through in the pattern or style you desire.

2. Once shoelaces are in place, thread the toggle on to each of the laces, threading the elastic through the right side and the left side of the toggle.

3. Put your shoe on, and adjust the tension to fit. Adjust the toggle to suit keeping in mind the length of the elastic at its tightest and the loosest you’d want it.

4. Lay the elastic rope down against your shoe, and cut the elastic to the length you would want it. A good tip and something that looks good is to thread your excess elastic down the tongue of the shoe and into the bottom end of where the laces start (see photos).

5. Cut the laces at the maximum length you may want to have them, and using a lighter, burn and seal it.

6. Add the end clip to secure each end of the elastic inside the plastic piece. You can then tuck these back into the laces to secure the excess elastic in place and stop it from getting in the way. By tucking it in, as shown in the photos, it also helps to finish the overall look, while at the same time being safer to do so too.

7. To use: Pull the end of your elastic out, and loosen the toggle off. To put your shoes on - hold the end of the elastic piece to grip and tighten the toggle to fit. Make sure you always tuck the end of the elastic back into the laces on your shoes. OR make sure that the excess elastic is short enough that you can’t trip on it.

8. Any questions please reach out and ask us! 

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