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Apple Watch Badge on Strap (Nurses)

Apple Watch Badge on Strap (Nurses)

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Get yourself sorted with a stylish Apple Watch cover! Perfect for nurses with the badge clip for easy, safe and sterile use while at work. Keep your watch off your wrist, but still on you and close at hand. To be able to keep it on you at all times, and the ability to quickly switch between colours and styles (ie: wrist strap to badge, badge to lanyard, lanyard to wrist…). Have the ability to make decisions on what works best for you — and have extra fun with our colour ranges.  

If you have ever had trouble wearing watch straps or are prone to sweating or skin break down, this may be a fantastic alternative option for you. These Apple watch ‘badge straps’ are also flexible, light weight, durable — + as a bonus — are silky soft to the touch. 

Who they work well for: 

— Nurses, Drs, OT, Physio + health professionals

— Runners, and those who play sport and keep time 

— Those with severe eczema or those who find they get sweaty under a watch strap and skin break down. 

— Those with pain, swelling or Carpel Tunnel issues. 

— Those with a wrist injury, in wrist bracing or a cast 

— Those with sensory needs who struggle with wearing a watch on their wrist for any length of time.  

— Those who want options within their watches to customise what works best for each situation in life, to have the freedom to decide what works best on any given day, and the ability to customise to that. 

— Great for work, sleep, and play 

This watch strap has been designed to be used and worn with Apple Watch Series, and there are options for colour and size compatibility in the variants below. 

We have various styles and colours. If there is a colour you would like but don’t see, send us a quick message. We are more than happy to accomodate! 


Material: Silicone 

Size: Please see size details below… 

38 — 41mm Compatible38mm Badge Top (W) x 40mm Bottom Band (W) x 43cm Watch Face (H), 70mm Strap (L). Full Length/Height is 11.3cm Total

42 — 45mm Compatible: 38mm Badge Top (W) x 40mm Bottom Band (W) x 46mm Watch Face (H) x 70mm Strap (L). Full Length/Height is 11.66cm Total. 

Weight: 14 grams 

Package includes: 1x Apple Watch holder with pin  

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