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Adjustable Bottle Holder (works with larger bottles)

Adjustable Bottle Holder (works with larger bottles)

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A superior bottle holder with attitude and adjustability to meet any of your drink holder needs. This tough-wearing bottle holder will accommodate our largest range of bottle sizes, heights and capacities. A fantastic option for those who like to carry larger water bottles around with them. With this bottle holder your drink will stay in place, without falling out or causing you any issue.

It can be used on your push bike*, motor bike, a walking frame*, manual or power wheelchair*, stroller*, pram*, travel suitcase, or otherwise. You can also use them for your sports by attaching it to your golf cart, an umbrella, or to any other items you choose.
It will easily and safely hold an 800ml — 1 litre bottle of liquid. For reference it can fit the insulated Sistema 1 litre bottle range, as well as the 1 litre Tupperware drink bottles. It will also hold smaller 200 and 600ml bottles as well. The top of the bottle holder grips the bottle to help hold it tightly and securely in place - while still being able to reach and grab, and put it back too.

This bottle holder has a strong crocodile bite grip clamp to ensure when you lock your bottle into place it'll stay where you want it to, and won’t fall out of place when going over tougher terrain.

* Please Note: If you are using a manual wheelchair, please do consider weight distribution. Heavy bottles to one side of your chair can make it more difficult to self propel, especially when you’re not on flat terrain.



Material: Metal and Plastic

Size: 20cm (L), 7cm to 10.5cm (W) adjustable x 18cm depth (including clamp).

Capacity: Holds 800-1000ml bottles comfortably.

Compatible Bottle Sizes: Various from small to large, can be used with Sistema/Tupperware bottles.

Weight: 220 grams

Package Includes: 1x Adjustable Bottle Holder with clamp 

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