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Bag Sealer Stick

Bag Sealer Stick

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Bag sealer sticks for keeping things fresher longer! Creating a magic seal, these slide over your bag to lock in freshness and keep anything unwanted out! 

Moisture and leak proof. They are available in various sizes, from 12.5 — 28.5cm lengths for your various sized bags. Can be used to seal bags of chips, crisps or snacks or coffee, tea and sugar, etc. 

Works the best and easiest with bags that are thicker than 0.02mm, and that are thinner than 0.6mm all up. 


Material: Hard plastic (ABS) 

Size: S- 12cm, M- 19cm, L- 23.5cm, XL- 29cm 

Weight: Between 3 and 12 grams each 

Package includes: One set of sealing sticks  

Instructions for use

1. Each bag sealer stick has an end with a inner piece that juts out and a plastic tube with the exterior cover.

2. To use, fold your bag that you are wanting to seal flat and create a crease in the bag. Use this crease to slide your sealing stick on using the initial guide, and making sure that the opening to the stick is in line with the way you are trying to thread the bag onto it.

3. Slide the bag all the way to the end of the sealing stick and ensure that you keep pushing the bag in until the whole bag is contained inside the stick itself.

4. If it’s not easy to do first try, have another go. It can sometimes be a bit of a knack, but once you get it you shouldn’t have any problems after that. For more info or to follow our step by step instructions in picture or video format, please see the photos with this post.

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