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Reusable Leur Lock Syringe (Basik O-Ring)

Reusable Leur Lock Syringe (Basik O-Ring)

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Basik ‘O-Ring’ leur lock silicone syringes are now available in New Zealand via Spirit Sparkplugs! Many of you have asked about the silicone ‘O-Ring’ syringes, if they are available in New Zealand and if they match the hype that we see in overseas groups about these syringes. 

So in collaboration with MedCare we are so proud to be able to offer these syringes here on a trial basis while stocks last to see how popular they might be!

O-Ring syringes are very different to standard rubber grommet syringes, as they use silicone instead which makes them much more durable and long lasting! The O-Ring syringe allows you to easily clean and re-use them many time over making them affordable as well! Traditional rubber have been known to be difficult to use and plunge, even after just the first wash and dry. 

These syringes have proven to be popular among those who are tube fed and are blending their meals.


These syringes have also been used for:

- Giving medications orally, via a tube or injection. The silicone doesn’t interact with medications at all. 

- Hand raring and feeding baby animals as there is no taste transfer with the silicone (rubber can have a rubbery taste to it, which isn’t fun for anyone at all!) 

- Artificial insemination - traditional rubber plungers are spermicidal (rubber kills the sperm).  

- Aquarium manufacturing, using them to glue the seals and spirt it easily and effectively into the joints. 

- Furniture repair, gluing precisely + easy clean up!



Material: Plastic and Silicone 

Size: 17cm (L) x 3.5cm (diameter)

Volume: 60mls 

Weight: 30 grams 

Package includes: 1x Leur lock 60ml O ring syringe.

Please note: These are not sterile for injection. 

Also note: These are not Enfit compatible. You‘ll need a catheter tip to Enfit adapter, but we have these too! 

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