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Low Back Bra Extender Clips

Low Back Bra Extender Clips

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These extendable bra straps allow you to change how you connect your bra and where it sits on your body. 

These clips are specifically designed for you to be able to wear your favourite top with a low or scoop back without showing your bra and bra line / straps. To use it, attach one of the extensions to both sides of your bra. Angle the bra so that the straps are on a downward diagonal, but so that your chest is still supported. Wrap the extra strap around your torso and connect it it at the front. You can now wear and enjoy your favourite powered back tops without the need to show your bra, or go without one. Because when it comes to fashion and showing off your favourite items,  comfort is still critically  important! 

Note: Available in beige (skin colour), white and black



Material: Cotton, fabric, metal clips 

Size: 36cm (L) + 24cm (L) 

Weight: 10 grams 

Package includes: 1x Set Bra Extender Clip of choice  

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