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Bracelet + Jewellery Fastening Tool

Bracelet + Jewellery Fastening Tool

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Our bracelet helper makes clipping your favourite bracelets onto your own wrist easier and less fiddly. Using a bracelet helper can make it a lot easier, less stressful and frustrating, and makes it easier for your own independence to put them on by yourself too. These bracelets can also help you have some help to place it on also though, by stabilising the clip, and giving you an extra hand, without lots the tediousness of trying to work around each others fingers as well.

A great tool for those who struggle with dexterity or pain issues, has arthritis, have tremors or spasms, and for those who find fine motor issues a challenge. They can help kids, adults, and older persons alike. 

Take the stress out of putting your jewellery on with our bracelet helper tool. Can also be used to help to attach your favourite necklaces and anklets as well. 

Available in a silver, gold and rose gold. 

Image Description: A silver metal rod with a crocodile style claw clip at one end, and a black silicone cap at the other which hides the end of the metal rod. The claw is able to hold one end of your jewellery in place to make it easier to clip bracelets on independently. The photos show the bracelet fastening tool on its own, as well as showing how it is used in a series of steps and stages, by someone putting on a bracelet. 



Size: see below for details… 

Handle: 12.0 cm (L) x 0.4cm (W) 

Head: 3.5 cm (L) x 1cm (W) 

The Clip Opens up to: 1cm 

Weight: 15 grams

Package includes: 1x Jewellery Pliers 

How to use: 

Pinch the end of your bracelet with the plier clip on the bracelet helper. Hold the end of the tool in the same hand that you want to attach the bracelet to, and use your other hand to clip the bracelet together.


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