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Writable Cable Tags

Writable Cable Tags

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Do you have difficulty distinguishing whose cable is whose or maybe what cables are for what items, plus where it is going and what it actually connects to? You’re not alone! Me too! That’s why finding these has been a dream, and made life that wee bit easier!! 

Writable cable tags are where it’s at! Write in pen and it will stay there as long as you want or need. When it comes time to use the cable tag for another item, it will rub off with a gentle rub of your thumb over the pen, a wash under the tap, or using some alcohol gel! 

The tags come in a mixed pack of colours so that you have the options in your hands for how you use them! Pick a colour per member in the household, per type of item (computer/tv/sound/etc), or style of cable it is. 

To use them, simply wrap each spiral end around the cord and adjust to allow the tag to lay flat against the cord. It will happily stay in place until you change it. 

Image Description: Small silicone tags with a spiral at either end that will wrap around the cord. The small tag in the middle can be written on with a pen for identifying what each cord is or is used for. 


Material: TRP plastic 

Size: 6.5cm (L)  x 1.5cm (W) x 0.2cm (D)  

Writing space: 4cm (L) 

Weight: 4 grams total (1 gram per tag) 

Package includes: 1 set = 4 tags per set.  

How to use

1. Each cord tag has a spiral at each end of the tag. You want to wind that spiral around the cord you are wanting to name and wind the spirals onto each side of the tag. Pull the cord lightly to help lay the tag flat against the cord. Write onto the tag what you want. 

2. Please see photo guide and video demonstrations. 

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