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Memory Foam Car Seat Pillow

Memory Foam Car Seat Pillow

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A neck and travel pillow with style. This pillow is both comfortable, and supportive. With an elastic strap and clip to snap it into place on your car seat, it helps to offer you support and better head and neck alignment when you’re on the road and travelling. It is great for those who get a sore necks, have low muscle tone, or a previous neck issue that can make travel otherwise difficult for you at times. Fantastic for  better support and comfort. These pillow can also be used for those who sit at an office work chair with a head rest on it, as well as at the cinema, at home on the couch, or for those who sleep on their backs in bed to help offer side support while you sleep.

Made of high quality memory foam, it will mould to the natural curves of your body for ultimate comfort. Enjoy the comfort and relief of travelling in comfort as you travel, and relieve the muscle stress and tension on your neck and shoulders for both short travel and extended travel. You wont want to be without it again. 

Can be used in a wide range of uses, from the car to a plane, train, or boat, and from being used in an office chair to the couch, a movie theatre seat or even bed. 

Beneficial for: 

— those with muscle weakness

— for those who get migraines

—  helps to support jaw issues  

— those who want more comfortable travel 

— those who like to nap in the car 

— can help those with previous neck or head injuries 

— those with chairi malformation, or neck instabilities


Can be used: 

— while travelling in the car or vehicle  

— on a work or computer chair with a head rest 

— at the movie cinemas 

— on the couch at home 

— when travelling on a plane 

— in bed for those who sleep on their backs   


Material: Viscose, Memory Foam, canvas, and plastic

Size: see below for more details

Total: 32cm (L) x 19cm (H) x 20cm (D)

Outer Width: 32cm (L) x 8cm (W) 

Inner Width: 16cm (L) x 8cm (W) 

Base: 30cm (L) x 20cm (W) 

Strap: 29cm - 44cm

Weight: 370 grams (pillow) 

Package includes: 1x Memory Foam Car Seat Pillow

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