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Catheter Leg Bag Compression Sleeve

Catheter Leg Bag Compression Sleeve

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This sleeve helps you to easily discretely wear and carry your catheter bag with you, while it sits securely and snuggly against your leg, held inside the pocket of the compression sleeve for additional safe comfort. Using the sleeve can help to reduce the catheter bag or strap from getting caught on anything, or the liquid inside from slouching around. Wearing this sleeve under your clothing also helps to reduce any visibility of the bag for your own assurance and peace of mind. 

The compression sleeve also has the additional benefit of keeping the bag off your skin directly, and creating a barrier between your skin and the bag can help to ensure that there is no build up or sweat or moisture against the skin, protecting any breakdown of your skin as well as from any acids in your urine.  

The sleeve is a great option for anyone with adhesive allergies, as it allows you to wear your bag without the need for any adhesive directly on the skin. Latex free. 

It is easy to use, wear and put on, machine washable, and made of cotton. There is space in the sleeve for the flip valve to sit inside the catheter sleeve for easier convenient emptying of the bag as needed.  



Material: Polyester, Elastic 

Size: see below for size options… 

Medium to fit: 39cm — 58cm circumference 

Large to fit: 53cm — 73cm circumference 

Large is: 35cm (L) x 23cm (W) top x 15cm (W) bottom x 46cm (circumference)

X Large to fit: 68cm — 98cm circumference 

Weight: 66 grams 

Package includes: 1x Leg Bag Urine Cover 

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