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Chopstick Aid

Chopstick Aid

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Chopstick support and aids are here! Use these aids as a training tool while learning to use chopsticks, or a support to aid you in using chopsticks more easily!

Fully reusable, and eco friendly. Take your chopstick support tool and snap the chopsticks into place, adjust them til they are about 2/3rd of the way down from the top of the chopsticks (or to your preference) and then line both chopsticks to be the same height, and you’re sorted! It should help to make your chopsticks easier to hold and use with less effort!

- Easy to use. Quality plastic. Dishwasher safe. 

- Portable — use at school, home, work, the office, in the community, for a picnic, or just for fun. 

- They are also a fantastic aid for kids to be able to work on fine motor skills, planning and coordination. 


Material: PP High quality durable plastic 

Size:  2.8cm wide x 2cm height x 0.68cm depth 

Weight: Less than 1 grams  

Package Includes: 1x chopstick support aid (please note this item does not include any chopsticks with it) 

How to use:  

1. Get your chopsticks support aid, and your set of chopsticks. Make sure that your chopsticks aid has the connecting base at the top and the two lengths facing downward. This is the right way to use them. Have your chopsticks on hand, and snap them into the grooves on each side of your chopsticks, about a third of the way down from the top of the chopsticks.

2. To use them, hold them in your hands, and press them together. Please watch our videos for demos.

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