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Nylon Soft Gel Cold Compress Cap (facial pain, sinus)

Nylon Soft Gel Cold Compress Cap (facial pain, sinus)

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Today we have our PHENOMENAL migraine caps! I’ve even included a super not flattering photo of me mid-migraine also showing off what it looks like. 🤪 I feel like you do look a bit silly - but let’s honestly get real — no one cares what they look like mid migraine and if there was something that could help, I‘d scramble at the bit to get relief. And this offers us that. Finally. It also have space to pull your pony tail through the top of it so that you don’t have your hair in the way!

This thing is a game changer! It’s an ice pack that wraps right around your head and also offers soft compression. EVERYONE had given great feedback with what a huge game changer it was. For those who get chronic migraines, this product has allowed me to not feel as scared of them when they start. It helps relieve the real intensity of the pain and migraine.

Things this also helps with: 

— These cool packs double as an eye mask when worn down over the eyes to support light sensitivity. 

— It is also a wonderful tool and relief for anyone that has sinus pain, jaw pain, and base of your neck pain. 

— It will help you cool down, reduce fever, and can help with tooth ache, and can help ear ache as well. 

We have two options for these caps:

1. Half Head Cool Packs. This has the cool pack on just half the circumference of the head, as well as

2. Full Head Cool Packs. This has the cooling gel around the full head. The full head cool pack can also be used for those undergoing chemo as a way of helping to reduce the overall hair loss that can come with being on chemotherapy. See our other migraine cap listing, or search up Google for more info on this.   


Material: Nylon, Elastine, Cooling Gel Packs 

Size: 25cm x 12cm x 3cm 

Weight: 327 grams (no box) 366 grams (with box) 

Package Contains: 1x Migraine Gel Cap 

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