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Compression Wrist Support

Compression Wrist Support

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Our wrist compression supports are developed with a permeable, absorbant fabric, and are quick to dry. A fantastic option to wick and absorb sweat, as well as  offer gentle compression and support to the wrist. 

They are perfect for those on the sports field, as well as those who want extra support and compression around their wrists. May also be helpful for those with arthritis, chronic wrist pain, instability, fibromyalgia, and those with neurodiversity to offer biofeedback.  


Available in a range of bright and fun colours. We have other colour options available, please enquire. 


Material: nylon, spandex. Elastic quick dry material 

Size: 13cm (L) x 8cm (W) 

Weight: 13 grams 

Package includes: 1x Wrist Band 

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