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Compression Socks with Zipper (toeless)

Compression Socks with Zipper (toeless)

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Knee high compression stockings that are easier to put on, and fit more comfortably? Yes please! No more toiling, pushing, pulling, and stretching tight compression stockings on and into place with this fantastic zip design. They offer graded compression and are easier to put on and remove independently, and with less pain and joint issues and ease the usual struggle of trying to navigate compression stockings. 

Compression is known to help increase circulation, to push blood back up through the body, and can aid in reducing blood clots, relieve swelling, and can aid in the treatment, support + healing of lower leg ulcers.

Compression stockings are often medicalised, well we want to bring the funk back and make them more wearable to be able to want to be in + use every day. We have more fun designs and prints in the works, so if you’re keen for this also, please do send a message! 

These socks can benefit: 

— those with lymphoedema 

— those with swelling or discomfort in the legs 

— those prone to blood clots, and ulcers

— those with diabetes + poor extremity circulation 

— those who are often on bed rest or sedentary 

— those diagnosed with Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS) to maintain being upright more easily and with less struggle & fatigue

— those with connective tissue disease, such as in Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (EDS) 

— those with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) 

— those with Fibromyalgia 

nurses and retail workers who are working on their feet on hard concrete for extended times. 

— and so many more people (these are just a few).  



Material: Polyester Cotton 

Size: see below for individual sizes… 


Small / Medium: 33cm (L) x 10-7cm (W)  

Zipper: 26cm (L)

To fit Ankle Size: 23.5cm - 26.5cm 

To fit Calf Size: 27.5cm - 31.5cm circumference  

Large / X Large: 

Zipper: 28cm (L) 

To fit Ankle Size: 24.5cm - 27.5cm 

To fit Calf Size: 29.5cm - 33.5cm circumference 


XX Large

Zipper: 30cm (L) 

To fit Ankle Size: 25.5cm - 28.5cm 

To fit Calf Size: 31.5cm - 35.5cm circumference 


Weight: 60 grams

Package includes: 1x Pair Compression Stocking with Zips 

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