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Cooling Vest

Cooling Vest

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Stay cool this summer and make regulating your temperature in the heat easier to manage with one of our cooling vests. Each best has 6 pockets sewn into the lining of the vest on both the front and the back. Each vest comes with a set or 24 ice packs that can be filled with water and frozen for use when you need it, and have enough of them to change them out when they have defrosted and replace them with another set of ice packs while you freeze the first set again. 

The vest is adjustable to be able to fit a wide range or body shapes and sizes. It is also made of a very light weight, durable and soft to the touch mesh fabric that has moisture wicking technology to help keep you cool and refreshed. It is great for those on the boat, fishing on the river, working in hot kitchens, playing sports, or just out in the sun working for long days. 

These vests can really benefit those who have trouble regulating their body temperature, and for those with autonomic dysfunction or dysautonomia. It is also a a effective tool for those who don’t sweat, for those in the hot sun for long periods, or those with fevers to help support the body to cool itself when you’re sick. 


Material:  cooling material , freeze dried gel packs 

Size: 23cm (L) x 47cm (W) 

Max fit: 124cm Diameter 

Weight: 293 grams (dry weight) 

Package includes: 1x Cooling Vest + 24 Cooling Sachets + 1 Ice Pack Storage Bag 

How to use: To use the vest, fill the ice packs with water and place them in the fridge or freezer to cool. When they are needed, place one frozen ice pack into each of the inbuilt pockets. Wear the vest, and adjust the straps for your own comfort. When the ice has mwltwd you can replace them with more frozen ice packs and return the now melted ones to the freezer.  

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