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CPAP / BIPAP — Nasal Pad

CPAP / BIPAP — Nasal Pad

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These CPAP nose pads are just the thing that is needed to help support a better, more comfortable and secure fit for your mask, especially around the individual ridges and curves that our noses all have. 

Supporting a better fit, less irritation, less skin issues or skin break down, and less air from escaping also. The soft gel from the nose pad will help to offer a buffer between the mask and the skin of your nose. This can help reduce red marks and skin break down. 

The nose pads are reusable, and can be washed and can be reused many time. Even with daily washing of the nose pad, it will not reduce the viscosity or the benefit that this nose pad can offer your compliance.  

We recommend that you change the nose pad out at least every 3 weeks. Use it according to instructions.


Pop Material: Silica Gel 

Size: 10cm (L) x 4cm (W) 

Weight: 1 gram 

Package includes: 1x CPAP Nose Pad  


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