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Knitted Headband with Buttons

Knitted Headband with Buttons

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With winter here, what is a better way to stay warm than with a warm and snuggly crocheted headband. Not only that - but with perfectly positioned buttons attached to the mask just behind the ears so that you can connect your mask by looping the mask straps over the buttons on the headband, instead of behind your ears, leaving your ears more comfortable and free. This is ideal for those who wear hearing aids as it will reduce the chances of your hearing aids getting caught up in the elastic loops when you go to remove your mask. It will also be a relief for anyone with sensory issues or pain that can come with wearing mask elastics behind the ears too! 

Featuring a beautiful knitted pattern, these are very soft, incredibly comfortable and warm to wear, and bonus is that they look fantastic on as well! 


Material: acrylic, polyester, knitting.

Size: 22cm (L) x 12cm (W)

To fit: Approx 50cm — 65cm head circumference 

Weight: 60 grams 

Package includes: 1x Knitted Headband with Buttons 


To use: 

1. Place the headband on your head, and adjust it so that the buttons are to each side of your head up near or behind your ears.

2. When it comes time to wear your mask, you can slip the elastics over the buttons on your headband instead of in behind your ears to give your ears a rest & have a more comfortable mask wearing experience. 


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