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Desk — Cable Organiser

Desk — Cable Organiser

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There is nothing better than a clean and clear desk with organised cables and easy access to what you need and where to find it. These cord organisers will help keep your cords in easy access, tidy, and a room looking good. No more tangled cords, or not knowing what cord is going where. These are a great solution! 

These will also work great on a desk, or along a bed head, the bedside table, or even in your bathroom, kitchen, lounge or office to keep things all in order! 

Note: These can also be placed on the side of something to hold a pen or pencil inside these too. 


Material: Silicone with an adhesive sticker backing. 

Size: Please see per size below: 

Single Circle: 2.8cm (diameter) x 1.6cm (H) 

Double Circle: 2.8cm (diameter) x 1.6cm (H) 

Double Square: 3.4cm (L+W) x 1.6cm (H)

Triple Square: 3.4cm (L+W) x 1.6cm (H) 

Inner cord: 0.6cm — 0.8cm (diameter) 

Weight:  5 — 9 grams each 

Package Includes: 1x cord holder 


How to use: Wipe down the surface of where you would like to stick the cord holder, then clean and dry throughly. Peel the backing off the cord holder, and place down firmly on the surface and hold to secure. Let dry for 24 hours for best placement before securing the cord inside the cord holder to help keep your desk or area with your cords clean + organised. 

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