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Dressing + Button Assist

Dressing + Button Assist

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It can be a struggle to navigate buttons and zips on clothing when it comes to struggling with conditions that limit movement, dexterity and pain. Whether it is arthritis, joint deformities, nerve injury or nerve pain, the button assist loop and hook system can help. 

Designed to give those who struggle with zips and buttons the ability to continue wearing favourite items and reduce the struggle of getting dressed by making it easier to navigate. Light weight, compact, easy to use or travel with, and safely storable in your bag.

The dressing aid has three functions to help you manage getting dressed more easily again: 

1. The loop end has been specifically designed to help you pull buttons through the button hole more easily and with less need for fine motor control or planning. Just thread the dressing aid loop through the button hole and then loop the end of the loop over the button you want to do up. Then simply slide the button loop back through the hole, bringing the button with it. 

2. The hook end is specifically designed to make accessing your zippers on clothing easier once again. To use it, simply being the hook into the loop of your zipper and then pull upward or downward depending on putting on or removing your zippered item. Once you have adjusted it to suit, slide the hook out of the zipper puller, and you’re sorted. Use it as often as you need to, and take it in your bag wherever you go.

3. The fat handle has been designed for easier grip and dexterity, and to help reduce pain in your hands. The large handle grip makes it ideal for those with low strength, pain, nerve issues + joint issues or arthritis. 



Material: ABS Plastic, Metal 

Size: 19cm (L) x 3.5cm (W)

Weight: 62 grams 

Package includes: 1x Dressing + Button Aid 

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