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Duvet Clips — 4 Pack

Duvet Clips — 4 Pack

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Finally a way to keep your duvet inner and the cover in place together and fitting nicely. No more fighting the bed because the duvet inner has slipped all the way to the bottom or side of the duvet cover. Use these clips and don’t worry about your duvet inner bunching up ever again. Have it look great with a quick shake of the blanket knowing that your duvet inner and cover are staying in place! 

These duvet clips can also be used to keep top and bottom sheets in place on your bed, so that while you or your little ones sleep - you know they’ll stay snug and warm! They can make it super easy for kiddies to make their beds by helping to keep sheets in place. Purchase two packs for the double win — to keep the top and bottom sheets in place, and your duvet inside your duvet cover for a winning combination! 

Our Duvet Clips are a two-piece buckle design as seen in the photos and videos. For use in duvets not thicker than 1 inch.



Material: TPI — Durable Plastic 

Size:  3.5cm (L) x 3.5cm (W) x 2cm (H) 

Weight:  15 grams 

Package includes: 4x Duvet Clips (Pack) 


To use: Simply place the bottom clip under the sheets or blankets that you want to connect. Using the top piece, slip the circle over the bottom piece while the blankets cover the bottom piece and snap into place. For more specifics step by step please see the video.  

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