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Egg Yolk Separator Tool

Egg Yolk Separator Tool

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Handle seperating your egg yolks from the white like a pro with this egg yolk separator. Made from high quality wheat straw, simply place the tool over a cup or bowl and crack the egg directly inot the egg yolk separator. The tool will ‘catch’ the yolk, and let the egg whites slip through to the cup or bowl that you have placed under it, separating the yolk and egg whites. If the egg white isn’t naturally slipping directly into the cup below it, you can gently shake the tool back + forward to help the egg white to slip through. 

Note: It is recommended that you tip the egg whites into another container after each egg yolk is cracked, and only crack one yolk into the egg yolk separator at a time. This will help to ensure that if your egg yolk is no longer intact, that you don’t lose all the eggs that you have been cracking, only that one itself. 



Material: Coloured Wheat Straw

Size: 13cm (L) x 6cm (diameter) 

Weight: 11 grams 

Package Contains: 1x Egg Yolk Dispenser





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