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Expanding Bottle Holder

Expanding Bottle Holder

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This drink bottle holder will fit a range of bottles sizes comfortably up to 750ml. If you need a bottle holder that will stand the test of time, and safely + securely hold your 750ml sized drink bottles, this right here is it. This bottle holder doesn’t come with the bottle holder clamp, but the screws to attach it direct to your bike or mobility device, alternatively, purchase one of our bottle holder clamps to attach this bottle holder to that, so that you can then strap the bottle holder to any bike or mobility device more easily also. 

The bottle holder will clamp onto any mobility device that you’d like to attach it to, and it can be positioned to any angle needed. No matter what angle your attach pole is on, this bottle holder will work with it. 

Attach the bottle holder to: a manual or power wheelchair, a bike, walker, mobility scooter, manual scooter, pram, push chair, rollator, and etc. This bottle holder can also be attached to a pole, such as on an IV pole or bed rail for those sick in hospital or home.


Material: Engineering plastic and metal 

Size: 16.5cm (L) x 7.5cm (W) x 9.3cm (D) 

Beat suited for bottles: 6.2cm — 8cm (Diameter) 

Weight: 42 grams

Package includes: 1x Water Bottle Cage + 2x Screw




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