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Finger Grip Strengthener

Finger Grip Strengthener

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Like any muscle of joint, when we are unbalanced in our training, our muscles can’t work to their optimum, the same is just as true for our hands and fingers… Whether you are recovering from an injury, or want to maintain the strength and function that you have in your hands and fingers now, and improve on them — these silicone finger strength and exerciser can help! 

May be especially useful for athletes and musicians to help stretch and expand their hands and grip abilities. Whether that is music, dance, rock climbing, golfing, tennis, weight lifting, swimming, or any other form of sport that requires or relies on strong hands, the hand grip exerciser can be added as a tool to aid you in your training programme, or rehab after an injury.

May also benefit those who use adaptive equipment such as wheelchairs, scooters, crutches, walker, etc. 


Material: silicone

Size: 9cm (L) x 8cm (W) x 0.5cm (H)

Strength: GREEN: Light Resistance - For Beginners and Injured Hands. - BLUE: Medium Resistance - For Everyday Strengthening Exercise. - ORANGE: Hard Resistance - For Advanced Muscle Toning

Weight:  12 grams 

Package includes: 1x Finger Grip Strengthener 


How to use:

For general strength: Place your fingers in each loop. Bring your fingers together and then stretch out as far as you can. Hold there for 3 seconds, and gently bring them back together again. Continue this for 10 repetitions at a time, maintaining controlled movement during both the stretch out, and when bringing your fingers back together again. You can repeat this 2x over with a break between. Repeat at set intervals through the day as directed by your physiotherapist. Please seek medical advice first if you have any hand injuries or concerns. Please follow exercises as specifically directed by your own team.  

Wash in warm soapy water after use and let it air dry.

Note: If you have any concern about using these exercises we recommend you seek medical advice.

Note: We are not offering advice nor do we take any responsibility in the use or purchase of this item. Please seek the opinion and experience of a qualified physiotherapist, coach or professional before you take on any specific exercise programme. 

 Note: Sone colour tones may vary for this product, but are still the same rated strength for the hand and purpose intended.  

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