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Fishing Glove

Fishing Glove

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Our fishing gloves are here! The perfect and most east and convenient way to easily catch your fish with a good grip, and without catching any fin spikes too!

These gloves, with their open back, makes it super quick, easy and fast to put the glove on and off with ease - and can even be done with just the one hand! Connected to a handy clip and attached by a magnet these gloves conveniently hang by the buckle of your pants ready for action when you need them the most! 

These gloves are hard wearing, and made from high-density polyethylene. They have anti puncture technology incorporated with a latex coating that helps to protect hands from any cuts and scrapes.

Great for fishing, also great for hunting small animals. 

Purchase a glove for the left or right hand, or both. 


Material: Polyester Fibre 

Size: 19cm x 14cm 


Package includes: 1x Fishing Glove (only)

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