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Disposable Flushable Wipes

Disposable Flushable Wipes

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A roll of soft dry wipes, perfect for cleaning up the spills and messes. When you’re unable to use a reusable cloth (for any reason), having an alternative can make all the difference. These dry wipes come in a roll of 100 wipes per roll, and have been developed to be 100% biodegradable for the sake of our planet. They are made of super soft non-chlorinated viscose. 

Whether you're cleaning up messy hands, changing nappies, soaking up a mess, or dealing with medical cares. These dry wipes are great to have on hand. This is especially beneficial for those who have sensitive skin, or allergy to ingredients found in regular baby wipes. Add your own water, or use dry, these wipes are good to use for anything you need.

These are also fantastic used as a nappy liner to help extend the life of your nappy. The flushable liners can are designed to be placed next to babies skin. The nappy will help to draw moisture through the liner which will keep baby dry, but will catch solid waste. You can then wrap it in a nappy bag, or flush away. 

Note: While these are designed to be flushable, for environmental purposes, we do not endorse, suggest or recommend flushing any wipes down the toilet. 

These have proven helpful and have been used as:

— A nappy liner to help extend the life of a nappy 

— As a dry wipe for cleaning up after a nappy change 

— As an emergency panty liner til you get supplies 

— A disposable wash up cloth for the kids after meals 

— As a gauze replacement for cleaning a healed feed tube tube stoma site (like a MIC-Key or PEG tube) 

— To help clean up and manage an ostomy change 

— Used as a soft cloth to soak up any oral dribbles 

— Used as dust wipe for inside of the car 

— Used as an extra durable disposable tissue 

— and so many more uses! 


Material: 100% Biodegradable Viscose Wipe 

Volume: 1x Roll = 100 flushable wipes 

Size: 18cm (L) x 11cm (W) x 8cm (D) 

Weight: 185 grams 

Package includes: 1x Roll Flushable Wipes 

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