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Glasses Button — Mask Accessory

Glasses Button — Mask Accessory

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Glasses buttons - what a life changer they have been, for sooo many people during the pandemic. Making it easier for those with prolonged mask wearing, those who use hearing aids, people with sensory issues, and those for whom these have just made mask wearing much more comfortable in this season! No more stretchy elastic behind your ears, no more elastic pushing your ears out, no more rawness from prolonged wearing of a mask behind your ears, and giving you more comfort and an overall better fit too! 

Glassses buttons, once popped on your glasses, can happily and discreetly stay in place on the arms of your glasses once they have been popped on and are convenient to use. Once you have set them to where you want them and suits you best, then all that you need to benefit from the buttons when using a mask is to slip the elastic over the buttons - and sorted!!  

We have had so much incredible feedback from people who are now using these — many repeat customers, using them as a gift for friends and family!

They have been exceptionally helpful for people who use hearing aids — no more losing your hearing aids or having them flick off or break when your mask is removed! Not having so many things behind the ears has also been a really big benefit for many people too!

For children and adults. Buttons should fit any glasses frames (we haven’t had a set that we couldn’t fit yet)

Note: Instructions for use are included in the photos. 


Material: Plastic and silicone

Size: 15mm x 8.8mm x 7.8mm  

Weight: 5.9 grams 

Package includes: two glasses buttons in a little box  

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