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DIY Handmade Dried Flower Bookmark

DIY Handmade Dried Flower Bookmark

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Create beautiful arts, crafts and designs with these dual adhesive transparent glass vase craft items. You can make the most beautiful bookmarks with these using craft paper, cut out pictures, and pre-dried flowers. Lift the top layer, and using some fine pointed tweezers, Place the flowers of cut out items carefully where you would like them. Once you have assembled and filled the inside of your your glass jar bookmark, carefully lay the top adhesive layer down, making sure to squeeze out any air pockets as you do so gently.

The benefits of these can include: 

Quality Keepsakes — The results of a finished piece is having some of the most beautiful keepsakes.

Quality Time — Purchase these to enjoy making with a loved one and cherish the memories of you both enjoying time together making your bookmarks 

Great gift items — A fantastic gift item, whether it’s given as the craft for people to make it themselves, or whether you have completed them and are gifting them the finished artwork you have made. Memories and hand crafted gifts are priceless for loved ones.  

For those unwell or with chronic illness — These are a fantastic small space craft that can be done and enjoyed with minimal energy requirements. This is a great gift for someone in hospital if it’s given with the componants to be able to put them together. Being able to pass time and distraction can be invaluable!!   

Overall - a great gift for yourself and your loved ones. 


Material: Plastic 

Size: Approx 8cm (L) x 5cm (W) 

Weight: less than 10 grams 

Package Contains: set number of jar bookmarks 

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