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Hot Head Cap

Hot Head Cap

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These hot head flaxseed heating caps are able to effectively hold and maintain heat, allowing you increased relief for headaches and pain, as well as for deeper penetration of hair conditioning treatments. The heating cap will help to effectively maintain heat allowing your conditioner treatment to penetrate the hair follicle for a more effective and deeper treatment.


These caps are comfortable to wear, and are made with comfortable soft microfibre cotton internally with a nylon exterior.  The flaxseeds offer a superior and effective coverage for pong lasting penetrating heat. Reusable, eco friendly, 'One size fits most’.

How to use? 
Place the cap into the microwave for one minute, and test heating level. If needed, heat by an additional 10 seconds at a time until your head cap is heated to the desired temperature (making sure not to overheat the cap or to cause burns or scald yourself at any stage). One heating in the microwave should produce up to 30 minutes of gentle heat for your beauty treatment. The cap will easily accomodate different hair types. Do not hear for more than 2 minutes in total at a time to avoid damage to the cap, materials, or the seeds. 

For Headaches and Migraines: Use on a dry head. 

For Conditioning + Beauty Treatments: Rinse, wash and clean your hair, removing any extra residue. Apply your conditioner to the end tips of your hair (or as described on the label for your hair type). Heat the cap in the microwave to the desired heat level. Wrap your hair in a shower cap before placing the heating cap over the shower cap on your head. Keep the heating cap in place for 10 - 20 minutes, at which time you can wash your hair in warm water to get rid of any excess product, or finalise your beauty steps per the product description steps it gives you for it. 


Note: To wash the cap, please use warm water or mild soap. We recommend spot cleaning the cap with warm water and a mild soap as needed.  Please avoid immersing or soaking the cap in water at all. Lay flat to dry. Always use a shower cap under for treatments. 



Material: Microfibre, Nylon, Flaxseeds 

Size: 12cm (inner diameter) x 26cm (outer diameter) 

Storage Bag Size: 28.5cm x 21cm 

Weight: 130 grams 

Package Contains: 1x Flaxseed heating cap + bag 



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