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Kai Carrier Bags 140ml — Feeding Tube Attachment

Kai Carrier Bags 140ml — Feeding Tube Attachment

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Kai Carrier have the most amazing range of reusable, heavy duty and eco friendly snap lock bags to help replace the use of disposable snap lock bags. With Kai Carrier on board we are proud to be able to offer a more Earth-friendly and sustainable way to package your items. Whether you are wanting snack-sized bags, lunchbox-sized ones, or bigger ones for activities like camping, Kai Carriers have you covered. A fantastic option to portion out things for travel, Kai Carrier also have a range for carrying and storing liquids which come with a built-in spout to make it as easy as possible for you to use.


If you or someone you know uses a feeding tube to help stay well, Kai Carriers has created specific range just for this exact community! Their original designed spout bags were refitted to match the same attachment that is required for enteral tube feeding — either through pump or bolus feeding. And with that one small act, the lives of many tube feeders were changed - with a more accessible and compact bag option that was reusable, Eco friendly, and cut down on alarming pumps or air. Kai Carrier bags give you the opportunity to pack fluids and feeds with less bulk, and the ability to remove all of the air from the bags means no more alarming pumps for one of those frustrating naughty air bubbles. Since changing to Kai Carrier bags, squealing pumps are a thing of the past! 

Note: Kai Carrier has wide variety of products for the kitchen as can be seen below. But if we can help you with any questions in any way please do let us know.  



Material: Food Grade Plastic  

Size: 600ml or 140ml 

Weight:  10 grams 

Package includes: Kai Carrier bags you have chosen 

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