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Kitchen Counter Top Cleaning Brush

Kitchen Counter Top Cleaning Brush

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No more sopping wet cloths to wring out when you are wiping down a wet bench, and no more trying to wipe all of the crumbs off the bench and into the sink with a cloth, only to now have to try and shake out a cloth that is now also covered in crumbs. Let all of that be a thing of the past with this multipurpose dual squeegee! This kitchen tool is bound to become a winning favourite in no time (just as it has for us!) 


This compact, discrete squeegee has been designed for the kitchen bench, and it helps to make life in the kitchen and clean up easier and more convenient. It can just as easily be used in the bathroom, laundry and your workplace, or work-shed. 

1. Use the brush side to wipe any crumbs and dust off the bench, or any flat surface. 

2. Use the squeegee side to wipe down the bench or any flat surface from any gathered water — even if it is just the small amounts that gather around the tap. 

3. You can also use the squeegee side to remove stubborn product off baking sheets and table tops.

4. You can use the squeegee in the bathroom for any mirror or flat angle basin. 

5. The design of these makes this a great option for those with limited hand function who are unable to hold or use a handle brush, or get pain on doing so. 

Store this kitchen tool against any sink wall where you have a 90 degree angle and it will happily sit there comfortably and discretely until you’re ready to use it. 

It’s become a winning product in our household, and we are sure that it will be a loved product in yours too! 

Quick and easy to use! 


Material: Plastic 

Size: 11.2cm (L) x 9.5cm (W) x 1cm (D) x 4cm (depth of the ledge at the top of the squeegee). 

Weight: 88 grams 

Package includes: 1x Kitchen Countertop Squeegee 

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