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Mobility Aid — LED USB Light

Mobility Aid — LED USB Light

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Rechargeable USB LED light lamp. Makes it easier to be out about at night, during sunset and early hours of the morning, and during fog or in limited visibility situations. Keep safe, show others where you are and see more easily where you are + where you’re going! 

One button design switch, you press the button again to access the different setting options. 

Get one of these Safety lamps with 4 setting options to chose from: long bright, flashing, blinking, as well as strobe. The lamp has a high quality lithium battery, which should last 2 full hours for a full charge. Light will automatically shut off charging once full. Charge will last 12 hours of continuous use, but the various light settings may change this length of time from anywhere between 8 and 15 hours, depending on use. 


Material: PC & ABS plastic 

Size: 6.5cm length x 2.9cm wide x 2.3cm height.

Weight:  200 grams 

Capacity: 4000 MAH, 

Lumens: 1200 Lumens 

onterface: usb fast charge 

bracket: 15 degrees rotation 

Modes: 4 modes are available in this USB light: 1. long bright, 2. slow flash, 3. explosion flash, 4. strobe 

Package includes: 1x light with silicone strap + a usb charging cord 

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