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Mobility Aid — Bracket

Mobility Aid — Bracket

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Theee clips have a number of great uses in our world! 

1. A compact crutches and walking stick clamp that is easily able to be screwed onto any mobility device to allow you to quickly “snap into place and go”. No more having to carry or navigate other assissituve devices or leave them behind just because it’s logistically too difficult to navigate or manage. 

2. Use for your wheelchair, scooter or mobility device. Place the clip against the pole and screw into place to help it hold tightly. Then just snap your item into place and you’re good to go. Anywhere, anytime. 

3. As a way for you to bring your walking stick, crutches or umbrella along when you head out the door in an easy and convenient way — ready to come along with you wherever you go, giving you more choice and control over your own mobility options!  

4. As an accessory for the keen fisherman. Use these clips to help hold your fishing poles exactly where you want them. Whether that is utilising these to help hold your fishing pole for you as you fish to your hearts content, or use them in the workshop or garage to store all of your poles away carefully, it’s your choice. They can be used vertically, horizontally or even diagonally if you so chose to them that way! 

5. For your cleaning handled products. So long as you can snap them over the handle of your cleaning pole. Attach them to a wall and use it to keep your cleaning tools just where and as you would like them. 

How to use them…? Just push the pole into the clip and it will grip and hold your pole where you want it. 


Material: Nylon 

Size: 2.8cm x 2.3cm x 1.4cm 

Internal Diameter: 1.7cm 

Weight:  4 grams each (8 grams set of 2) 

Package includes: 2x Clips for holding any poles 

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