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Multi Purpose Cleaning Tool Set

Multi Purpose Cleaning Tool Set

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These cleaning brushes have multiple purposes and can be used in a variety of ways to access and easily reach all of those hard to access places, especially true when making sure things are really clean is imperitive (such as enteral and tube feeding needs). But these also make great tool set for the kitchen, bathroom, window sills + general household cleaning. 

We recommend that you purchase kits specific to each area of your house or need, or split a pack up for different areas in your house, but labelling each tool very carefully so you don't get them mixed up at all. 

Below is a a few suggestions for using these tools:

1. Feeding tubes — these tools provide a great way of getting into all of the books and crannies in your tube feed items, reusable feeding bags and screw caps. 

2. Using these tools to clean hard to reach areas of your kitchen tools and remove any gunk or build up. 

3. Cleaning and dusting hard to reach and narrow places. This could include places such as window sills, the corners in your bathroom and shower, and for cleaning hard to reach places in the kitchen.

4. These tools are especially useful and helpful for reaching all of those difficult to navigate and reach spaces in both your personal and household needs.

These tools are made with a strong and high grade plastic and are strong and durable to use. The brush has a light abrasive material to help with a deep clean.  



Material: PP Plastic, Non woven Fabric, Flannel 

Size: between 14cm — 17.5cm in length  

Weight:  50 grams 

Package includes: Pack of 8 various cleaning tools 

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