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Nail Polish Bottle Holder

Nail Polish Bottle Holder

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Finally, a way to paint your nails if you aren’t able to hold the bottle yourself, or have someone else to help hold it for you, and know the stability is there for you!

Our Nail Polish Bottle Holder removes all of your deepest fears of nail polish spilling over and damaging your carpet, floor or other bedding materials. Give yourself the peace of mind you need, knowing you have added an extra wide stabilising base to your nail Polish. Our holder will also keep your bottle at a slight angle to help as you wipe the excess polish off the end of the brush before you reapply.

Looks professional, helps prevent spills and makes it easier for you to apply your nail polish independently.  



Material: Rubber 

Size: 9cm (L) x 5cm (W) x 4.5cm (H)

Weight:  27 grams 

Package includes: 1x Nail Polish Bottle Holder 

How to use: To use, just insert your nail polish bottle into the nail polish bottle holder, unscrew the lid, and paint your nails as you usually would with the peace of mind it is less likely to tip over. Once you have finished with the nail polish, you can leave it in the holder and just keep it in there, or remove it and place another polish in as you need them. Store with your nail polishes so that it’s easy to reach as its needed. 

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