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DoseMate — Syringe Adapters for Oral Use by Avanos (ENFit Compatible)

DoseMate — Syringe Adapters for Oral Use by Avanos (ENFit Compatible)

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Finally,  way to give oral syringe liquid medications to you or your loved one more carefully and safely with the DoseMate and DoseMate DL Pharmacy adapters. 

These syringe adapters now finally support the oral administration of liquid meds with more precise care, as you are able to administer medications to the back of the mouth, or side of the cheek and know that it is both safer and more assured to have the whole dose taken in, less risk of oral tissue damage from the syringe, as well as less proven risk for aspiration too. 

Have better control over the doses, the amounts, and a better way to administer it with the DoseMate, and the DoseMate DL, depending on your own specific need and preferences, or as advised by your Doctor. 

Now finally available to the open New Zealand market, we are proud to have partnered with Avanos be able to offer these to our customers and community here.  

To use: Draw up your medication into your syringe and then simply attach the DoseMate tip to your Enfit compatible pharmacy syringe and administer the medication or nutrition to the intended recipient. Aim to have the tip fully in the mouth, or towards the back of the cheek. Slowly give contents of syringe, or as best directed by your own healthcare professional

Please note: These are intended as single use items. If you chose to reuse, please sterilise very carefully. 


Material: Medical Grade Plastic

Size: see below for the two variations… 

DoseMate without straw: 2.2cm (L) x 3.2cm (diameter)

DoseMate with straw: 6cm (L) x 1.2cm (diameter) 

Weight: 2 grams each (with packaging)!

Package includes: 1x Dosemate Adapter 


Note: Information for this page has been collected directly from the Avanos Website. For more information on this product, including a list of resources and references, please see:  AVANOS.COM

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