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Non Stick Clothes Hanger Grippers

Non Stick Clothes Hanger Grippers

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Are you sick of your clothes always falling off their hangers? Do you wish you could just find a way to strap or hold your clothes on your clothes hangers more securely, safely and reliably…? Finally you can! 

These stickers peel to stick securely on any of your favourite coat hangers providing grip and texture for your clothes to stay securely on your hangers more easily, more reliably, and with a lot less frustration! 

Available starting in packs of 10, our smallest pack will fit 5 coat hangers with stickers either side for grip.


Material: Silicone 

Size: 7cm (L) x 0.5cm (W) (per piece) 

Weight: 5 grams per set of 10 

Package includes: 10x coat grips for 5 coat hangers 


How to use: To use these, wipe down the coat hangers that you wish to apply these to, to help remove any dirt, dust or grime and allow for better adhesion. Once coat hangers are fully dry, peel and remove the film from the back of one strip of the grippers. Place grippers on either side of your coat hanger (as seen in photos), with the fins facing upward and pointing toward the hanger itself. The fins will help stop your clothes from slipping off as easily and provide a stronger grip. The fins will also help to capture and hold any thin straps on your clothes too. 

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