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Pain Scale Ruler

Pain Scale Ruler

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Being able to articulate your pain in words isn’t often the easiest thing to do, especially when your pain is at its highest. Also, just talking about it in general can be a hard thing to do, and brings focus to the pain, instead of to the living of life you are trying to do!

This is where the pain scale ruler comes in. If you find it hard to talk about, just being able to move the dial to show the number can help. Have it somewhere that is discrete or allows your loved ones to know where you are at, without actually having to ask you outright. It’s also a great tool for kids, and those who are non verbal or struggle to articulate themselves verbally. 

If you struggle with pain, or you want a tool in your kit and first aid box to help offer options to explain when pain is a factor - this pain scale ruler just may be the very thing you have needed and maybe didn’t know it! 

Two sides offer two different options — the numbers scale, or happy + sad faces. Pick what works for you!


Material: PVC 

Size: 20cm (L) x 4cm (W) x 1.5cm (D) 

Weight: 25 grams 

Package includes: 1x pain scale ruler 

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