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Pelvis Correcting Belt + Hip Stabilisation

Pelvis Correcting Belt + Hip Stabilisation

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 This hip and pelvis stabilisation brace is a fantastic to and option for anyone needing to help relieve hip and back pain — specifically from instability of the hips and pelvis and sacroiliac joints. It can help to relieve the pressure caused by an anterior pelvic tilt, those with lower back pain, and pregnancy in early months. 

The belt has a cleaver design with it’s connected two piece band. The strong dual-tension band means that it is able to provide the most stable support and compression to this area of the body. The brace has 4 rows of hooks which allows you to adjust the tension as needed, or pull it in tighter as it loosens off in time.

Made with a high quality breathable and moisture wicking fabric, each band is finished with a beautiful lace to make it feel really lovely and more fashionable to wear and to support a less medicalised product.

You can wear this belt in two ways —

1. Wear the belt to hold your pelvis to help provide stability + support for the sacroiliac joints and pelvis.  

2. By reducing the level that the belt is worn, you can place it across your hip ball joints and fasten it tightly to help support you to keep your hips in. This is great for anyone with severe hip hyper-mobility, hyper-mobility syndrome, Ehlers Danlos syndrome or one if the other closely related connective tissue diseases, injuries or impairments to the hip, pelvis + lower back. 

For aesthetics — this belt can also be used to:

— provide an instant lift and support for sagging 

— help support a flatter tummy for ya favourite outfit 



Material: Polyester 

Size: please see below for specific variations… 

Length: Ranges between 70cm, 71.2cm, and 72.4cm 

Height: 15cm (Sides) x 14cm (top strap) x 11cm (bottom strap) 

Middle Connection Strap: 6cm (H)

Circumference Sizing: S / 80cm, M / 85cm, L / 90cm, XL / 95cm XXL / 100cm, XXXL 105cm 

Weight: approximately 120 grams —  235 grams 

Package includes: 1x Hip Stabiliser Support Belt 


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