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PICC Line — Waterproof Cover

PICC Line — Waterproof Cover

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This product has been designed for those who have a PICC line currently in place, or a wound that needs to be kept protected and dry to help support successful wound healing, and reduce risks of potential infection. 

This dry sleeve has been developed using the latest waterproof, IPX6 technology to create one of the most comfortable PICC line dry sleeves that we have tried to date. The tightly sealed waterproof design makes it possible and a whole lot easier to shower, without the risk or fear that the site will get wet at all. 

Enjoy a less stressful and more convenient and easy shower or bathing experience again, without the need for single-use plastic bags and screeds of tape, or use a flimsy covering that had never had a chance of keeping the water out to start with. The dry sleeve is easy to put on, comfortable to wear and will stretch to accommodate and fit to a wide range of arm sizes. It will hold a tight seal around your arm without letting any water enter because of the IPX6 technology used.

We can confirm that THIS PRODUCT IS LATEX FREE!  

These PICC line dry sleeves can be used for: 

➡️ showering or bathing yourself 

➡️ keeping your PICC line site dry when you are bathing the kids, or washing their hair (just in case) 

➡️ when it is raining outside or drizzling on and off 

➡️ when you are by or around any pools. Keeping the sleeve on to protect yourself in case you are splashed 

➡️ a day at the beach, to help keep sand and grit out. 

➡️ on the farm or at the sports field to avoid getting covered in mud or exposing the site to any bacteria  

➡️ using it as a way of protecting your site from being caught, pulled or tugged on while playing with the kids


➡️ This item has been designed to last the lifespan of a cast or wound healing. This means that it has an lifespan of approximately 3 months with continual use. Following the care instructions can extend the life of this product, as well as care when taking it on and off. 

➡️ We recommend that you wear the sleeve for no longer than 20 minutes at any given time to prevent any risks around circulation + to assist in skin health. If you have any concerns please consult your medical professional as we do not offer advice or suggestions. 

➡️ We have dry sleeves available for other limbs and joints. This includes the forearm or full arm sleeve (covers hand also), ankle, lower leg + full leg sleeves. Please see our other listings, or send us an enquiry. 


Material: PP, Silicone, PVC Plastic 

Size: Please see below for our two sizes… 

Small: 14cm (W) x 25cm (L) 

Large: 18cm (W) x 37cm (L)  

Weight: 65 grams

Package Includes: 1x PICC Line Waterproof Cover 

How to use? Stretch both ends of the silicone cuff over your hand and then continue to pull the top end of your dry sleeve up and over your cast or PICC site. Make sure that the dry sleeve covers any bandages and that the seal is directly against your skin only, so that it there is no way for water to track in at all. Adjust the cuff closest to your hand to make sure you have direct contact with skin there as well. To create a stronger seal around your arm we suggest ‘burping’ the air out of the sleeve. Do this by placing a finger between the seal and your arm to ‘burp’ and then squeeze out any extra air, adding extra security. 

Care Instructions: Rinse the sleeve with warm water after use and ensuring that the sleeve is opened up, place it on a towel rack or somewhere to dry safely, ensuring that it has good ventilation to dry. To ensure good care of your PICC sleeve, always ensure that the sleeve is throughly dried before putting it away at all. 

Note: Wearing this PICC sleeve for a prolonged hot shower may allow your arm to sweat under the sleeve. This is not the product failing, rather of condensation build up, or sweating. Simply dry your arm afterwards. 




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