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UV Sleeve — Rainbow

UV Sleeve — Rainbow

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Protect your arms from the harsh UV rays from the sun with these UV arm protectors. Get out and enjoy the sun, while protecting and caring for your skin. These light weight sleeves will help wick sweat and keep you cool and your skin dry. The integrated cool wick technology can also help you to regulate your temperature more easily also. Comfortable to wear, they can be used for a wide range of uses as seen below. They can come as a single sleeve, or pack of 2.

There also work really well for: 

— For anyone that is often on the road / in their car for long periods of time to help reduce the frequent and prolonged sun exposure of your driving arm.

Jazz up your outfit, especially if you wanted long sleeves on, without having to add layers of clothing.  

— To help protect your arms in the gardens from bushes, and scratches from twigs and other irritants 

— To protect your skin or hold dressings in place

— Great for those who bike for extended times, or have other sports. They are quick dry and will wick moisture and sweat away from your skin efficiently 

— For those in the boat or on the river fishing  

— As a way of holding dressings securely to your skin, especially for those with adhesive allergy  

— As a means of covering your arms when it’s needed. An example may be for covering up tattoos

— Also fun for dressing up / creating a unique style  

— As a concelear to conceal and cover up scar — As a full length sleeve to cover your arm for a PICC line, and/ or blood glucose meters. 



Material: Cool Wick Technology Material 

Size: please see size details below… 

Medium  — 41cm (L) x 8cm (wrist), 12cm (upper arm) 

Large — 45cm (L) x 9cm (wrist), 13cm (upper arm) 

Weight: 25 grams 

Package Contains: 1x Sleeve 


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